Monday, 19 February 2018

Why You Need To Know About Wishtrend's Mandelic Acid 5% Skin Prep Water

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Acids have become game-changers that have played a huge part in the way my skin looks and behaves today. I've been using them for the last 2-3 years now, and I can honestly say there's no way I would ever go back to the old days of just a weekly scrub - not ever! When I think about it, it all sounds so dated!

When it comes to exfoliation, AHA's have always been considered the better choice than the aggressive form of a manual scrub (although, I still enjoy both). But unfortunately, not everyone can use these due to skin sensitivity who can experience a bit more than just a tingle. When it comes to my skin, I wouldn't exactly label it sensitive as such, although I have experienced the odd reaction  just like everyone else when its come into contact with something that's not quite right. However, when it comes to acids, I still don't like to use them 'willy nilly' because they can cause irritation if over used. After all - they are acids.

Up until now, when it came to toner formulations, I'd only ever used Glycolic as it's been pretty good at revealing fresh new skin. But also mainly because its the only one I ever new about that came in this bottled form. So when I was sent a bottle of a less harsher AHA to try from Korean brand By Wishtrend, it's hardly surprising I became intrigued. If you haven't heard of Wishtrend they are a beauty website that distributes some of the hidden gems from the Korean skincare world, such as Klairs, COSRX, Mizon as well as their own brand, By Wishtrend.

My initial thoughts that this was going to be weaker than my normal glycolic. It seems I was wrong! 

Let me introduce to Mandelic Acid 5% Skin Prep Water


Friday, 9 February 2018

Calling all Urbanites! Urban Veda arrives at Boots!

If the name Urban Veda doesn't sound familiar to you, it soon will be as they are now available at Boots (collect your bonus points whilst you're there too!). These days, skincare consumers are becoming a lot  savvier when it comes to understanding ingredients, and whether you're a fan or natural or not (I personally enjoy using both natural and chemical) it's safe to say that in recent years they've become a lot more effective than they use to be. 


Monday, 29 January 2018

Vichy Aqualia Thermal Power Serum - the serum everyone raves about.

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You'll have to forgive on being so late to the party, which does seem rather odd considering Vichy was a frequent visitor to my dressing table many years ago. However, the Black Friday deals brought us back together again, and along with the Aqualia Thermal Serum, a couple from the Activ Lift range also fell into my basket. Anyways, today I'm just going to be chatting about the serum, the one that became synonymous with beauty editor and writer Sali Hughes a few years back (check out the Guardian if you haven't heard of her, or her In the Bathroom Series on YouTube). If it wasn't for her I'd would never have known about this thirst quencher! 


Monday, 22 January 2018

Marc Jacobs Matte Highliner Gel Crayons : Review, Swatches & Photos

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This I wasn't expecting...When I received my first Vox Box from review site, Influenster, I thought I just got lucky! But when a second notification appeared that another Marc Jacobs Vox Box was on its way, I felt rather pleased with myself. This time the box featured not one but two Matte Gel Eye Crayons from the Highliner range - however, I did feel rather intimidated when I discovered they were both Pink! Lol! Has Spring come early? Now I love coloured liners, but I have to say I've never used pink before and wondered how on earth I was going to pull this off without looking like I had an eye infection. Lol!

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