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Hello. I'm Toni. Welcome to my beauty blog!

After discovering my passion, as well as my makeup bag, was bursting at the seams, I decided it needed somewhere to go. So, I decided to write a beauty blog.

Here, you'll find lots of reviews on makeup and skincare products, and other random thoughts I may throw in for good measure. I blog as a hobby in-between being a busy mum of 2 and working part-time in retail. Understanding now that I'm past 40, beauty products can't always work miracles. However, regardless of age, they can certainly help empower you and create a better version of you.

Skin Type

 Combination/Dehydrated/Ageing. Can suffer from slight redness in the cheeks. Open pores. Oily t-zone. 

Light/Medium skin tone.


Some makeup consultants say I'm warm, some say I'm cool - I say I'm both! It can lean cool in the Winter and warm in the Summer.

Hair Type

  Colour - Dark Brown, although let's not beat about the bush here - the Greys are coming through thick and fast! Texture - fine and lacks volume and is also becoming very thin around the hairline. Oily roots and dry frizzy ends.



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